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IT Tips

Web Browser Shortcut Keys and Tips
DWM Memory Consumption Workarounds (Windows 10/11)

Programming Language Reference

Programming Language Ultimate Cheat Sheets:
Programming Language Comparison: Strings
Programming Language Comparison: Mathematics
Programming Language Comparison: Operators and Symbols
Programming Language Comparison: General (Control Flow/Debugging)
Programming Language Comparison: Dates
Programming Language Comparison: Objects
Core Functionality Demos (35+ Tasks In 10+ Programming Languages) [not yet published]

Historical Reference:
Programming Language Comparison+: New Features Timelines
Programming Language Comparison+: In Search of Operators (Sources on the History of Operators)

Programming Language Recommendations:
The Universal Function Library Project

[pages under construction]
Programming Languages: Common Sources of Confusion
Programming Language Design: Core/Minimal Functionality
Programming Language Design: Optimal Functionality
Questions for a Programming Language Designer
Designing AutoHotkey


text functions
UK/US holidays
i / L helper (I and l can look identical)
image rotator
hotstring demo (text expansion / autocorrect)
PDF page number helper
video speed helper
font viewer
text viewer
colour generator
colour picker
ComboBoxes: HTML versus Winapi
ComboBox demo code
accountancy: match credits/debits
timetable generator


time zones
time zones list
metric time
non-stop stopwatch (time elapses even while paused)




Cryptic Crosswords and Other Word Games