Web Browser Tips

Shortcut Keys: General

focus address bar:
IE: Alt+D [or: Ctrl+L]
Firefox: Alt+D [or: Ctrl+L]
Chrome: Alt+D [or: Ctrl+L]

focus search bar:
IE: Ctrl+F
Firefox: Ctrl+F
Chrome: Ctrl+F

navigate to home page:
IE: Alt+Home
Firefox: Alt+Home
Chrome: Alt+Home

copy URL under cursor to clipboard:
IE: Right-Click, t [or: AppsKey, t] [Copy shortcut]
Firefox: Right-Click, a [or: AppsKey, a] [Copy Link Location]
Chrome: Right-Click, e [or: AppsKey, e] [Copy link address]
(IE/Firefox): [or: get URL via Acc (MSAA)]

drag-and-drop URL to program:
(IE/Firefox/Chrome): [drag-and-drop to a program e.g. Notepad2/Notepad++]

Shortcut Keys: Show Dialog/Tools

show 'delete browsing history' dialog:
IE: Ctrl+Shift+Del [Delete Browsing History]
Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+Del [Clear All History]
Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+Del [Clear browsing data]

show downloads list:
IE: Ctrl+J [View Downloads]
Firefox: Ctrl+J [Library, Downloads]
Chrome: Ctrl+J [Downloads]

show developer tools:
IE: F12 [F12 Developer Tools]
Firefox: F12 [Tools] [Developer Tools]
Chrome: F12 [Developer Tools]

Shortcut Keys: Close Tab

close active tab:
IE: Ctrl+W
Firefox: Ctrl+W
Chrome: Ctrl+W

close tab header under cursor:
IE: Right-Click, c [or: AppsKey, c] [Close tab]
Firefox: Middle-Click
Chrome: Middle-Click

Shortcut Keys: New Tab/New Window

open URL under cursor in new tab:
IE: Ctrl+Click [or: Middle-Click]
Firefox: Ctrl+Click [or: Middle-Click]
Chrome: Ctrl+Click [or: Middle-Click]

open URL under cursor in new window:
IE: Shift+Click
Firefox: Shift+Click
Chrome: Shift+Click

duplicate active tab in new tab (tab history is forgotten):
IE: Alt+D, Alt+Enter
Firefox: Alt+D, Alt+Enter
Chrome: Alt+D, Alt+Enter

duplicate active tab in new window:
IE: Ctrl+N [tab history is remembered]
Firefox: Alt+D, Shift+Enter [tab history is forgotten]
Chrome: Alt+D, Shift+Enter [tab history is forgotten]

new tab (opens home page):
IE: Ctrl+T
Firefox: Ctrl+T
Chrome: Ctrl+T

new window:
IE: Ctrl+N [new window, duplicates current tab]
Firefox: Ctrl+N [new window, opens home page]
Chrome: Ctrl+N [new window, opens home page]
(IE): [or: run iexplore: new window, opens home page]

reopen closed tab:
IE: Ctrl+Shift+T
Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+T
Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+T

Preview Website (As Mobile)

[preview website as though on a mobile phone]

Ctrl+Shift+I or F12
Style Editor tab
at far right, Responsive Design Mode

Ctrl+Shift+I or F12
at top-left, Toggle device toolbar