hotstring demo


This is an html demo of hotstrings with a hotstring cycler. 'The fastest way to type.'

E.g. if you type the abbreviation 'dift-', and those 5 characters are the last characters in the textarea:
the string is expanded to 'different'.

If you then type '#', and that character is the last character in the text area:
'different' is deleted, and the next word, 'difficult' is typed.
Do the same again to cycle to the next word, 'differentiate'.
Keep cycling forward, and eventually it starts from the first word again.

Using '#' cycles forward through the word list.
Using '~' (shift+#) cycles backwards through the word list.

The case of the abbreviation will determine the output:
E.g. 'DIFT-' gives 'DIFFERENT', 'Dift-' gives 'Different', 'dift-' gives 'different'.

Any abbreviation where the first character is upper-case, but not all characters are upper-case, gives title case:
E.g. 'DIft-' gives 'Different'.
E.g. 'DifT-' gives 'Different'.