[updated: 2023-05-03]


I will be releasing more code and tutorials here in 2023 and onwards.
Including JavaScript versions of AutoHotkey string/maths/dates/object functions.

I will be providing a verdict on AutoHotkey v2 and its future, here in early May 2023.
Including AHK v1.1 / AHK v2 / IronAHK / Keysharp / AHK_X11.

I may be back on the forum and/or Stack Overflow and/or elsewhere some time in 2023.


AHK v2 functions for AHK v1
AHK v2 functions for AHK v1 (GUI test scripts)
Acc/AccViewer (AHK v1/v2)
MouseViaKeyboard (AHK v1/v2)

Scripts (Old Versions)

AHK v2 functions for AHK v1

Please post any comments/bug reports regarding the libraries here:
commands as functions (AHK v2 functions for AHK v1) - AutoHotkey Community
objects: backport AHK v2 Gui/Menu classes to AHK v1 - AutoHotkey Community
Acc / AccViewer / iWB2 Learner / Anchor conversion attempts - AutoHotkey Community


My AHK v2 Priorities